Small Business SEO Services

SEO Packages Tailored to Small Businesses

Small Business SEO Packages

SEO (search engine optimization) is a science that gained very much in popularity in the recent years because more and more small business owners understand that a website has no value if isn’t visited, respectively if isn’t optimized to attract both people and search engines. Especially after Panda and Penguin penalties included in Google’s algorithm, SEO industry is blooming and many web development companies offer nowadays SEO services tailored to small businesses, as well as to large corporations. On the Internet can be found with ease lots of affordable SEO packages and marketing consultants who promise high rankings on search engines for just a few dollars! Naturally, most of these people are impostors and money spent on cheap services are lost without any positive result!
Just like any other science, search engine optimization is very complex and requires professional skills and expert level knowledge about everything what means web development: web design, programming, copy writing, on-site optimization, Internet marketing, mass psychology, market research, verbal and non-verbal communication and many more. A successful small business SEO consultant must understand the various algorithms of search engines and choose to right way to modify web pages based on the frequently changing standards of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines.
But how can be distinguished an Internet marketing company specialised in local search engine optimization and offering affordable SEO packages tailored for small businesses by cheaters? A serious and reputed company has a well-developed website that is excelling both in design and ranking for the most important keywords relating to local SEO industry. The contact information is clear and displayed in a prominent place. On request, it can show a portfolio with several successful projects that can prove that the respectively company or freelance individual uses ethical strategies for achieving good rankings. Some things that can confirm the high SEO skills are the following: the keyword density on a page is never abusive (search engines will ignore the whole site), but are well-chosen and prominent in title, meta-tags and headings; ALT tags are never forgotten; the site has both XML and HTML site maps, as well as a robots.txt file.

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Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

The so-called "black-hat" SEO tricks for local search engine optimization are unethical techniques to get high search engine rankings. Many small business owners hear about all kind of SEO tips with magical results. It could work for short time, especially for local search engine optimization, but after a while all search engines detect the fraud, drop out the website from rankings and even ban it, often forever!
Some of the most common "black-hat" tricks are keyword stuffing (introducing a set of key phrases in pages without valuable content will eliminate the website from SERPs), invisible text (keywords written in same color as the background for the purpose of attracting more search engine spiders), tiny text (keywords and phrases in the tiniest size possible, visible only for search engines), spamming ALT tag text (stuffing the alternative text tags for images with unrelated or excessive keywords), "mirror" sites (duplicating and renaming a successful website), and doorway pages (HTML pages customized to numerous keywords or phrases, programmed to be visible only by specific search engines, which redirect the visitors to other pages or websites).
To this bad practices can be added also the trick of pointing in short time a large number of incoming links from local websites with high page rank (PR) – unfortunately, this trick is very used nowadays and many website owners are deluded by self-called SEO experts!

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Affordable Web Design & SEO for Small Businesses

Affordable SEO for Small Bsinesses

Opposite to "black-hat" SEO techniques, the "white-hat" search engine optimization practices will lead always to good results in search engine rankings and the gained positions are lasting so long the website is maintained well. It takes much more time to achieve the desired rankings (usually, from several months to a few years, depending on the chosen keywords), but once arrived in the top of a searching results page (SERP), a website benefits constantly from numerous visitors and becomes very profitable, returning thousandfold the invested amount. Services included in search engine optimization packages offered by professional SEO individuals working as freelancers or Internet marketing companies are priced depending on the project’s complexity, but it still are afforded even by small businesses, the results are guaranteed and the profit on long term is really big.
The success of local business SEO is guaranteed by the fact that companies using "white-hat" techniques adhere to search engines’ guidelines (that become very strict, see Panda and Penguin algorithm penalties introduced by Google), create legitimate structure and code optimization, use SEO friendly copy writing, write high quality articles promoted in a proper manner, and offer Internet marketing services that lead to high and durable search engine positioning.

Indifferently if it’s a small business or a multinational, we treat individually each company and website owner that requests a quote for a SEO project. This is a 100% free service and our proposal can be declined without any further obligation, so don’t hesitate and contact us today!

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